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Caryn Forebush
San Marino, CA
JuJu Band want to bring the tradition back of belly binding and have heard the reactions of people after seeing the juju bands version of the updated band...

Our daughter Stephanie started having colic it seems almost as soon as we brought her home from the hospital! Over the first weeks my husband and I went to the pharmacy to get some homeopathic colic tablets, over the counter drops and gripe water. We had little success with each of these remedies.

We finally gave up and went to the pediatrician who suggested that we carry her around in a sling and sleeping with her at night.

We were still having problems with Stephanie’s colic so I started asking around to people that I know in order to get a new perspective and came across the Juju Band method. The Juju Band is a simple band that adds pressure and heat to the belly area. The heat helps to soothe the stomach reflux and the band puts a light pressure on the stomach in order to release the gas and bloating associated with colic and digestive problems when baby is forming their digestive system.

I put around Stephanie and made sure that I had one finger inside the band so it had some give and was not too tight.

This seemed to be working and Stephanie slept that night from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am the next morning.

I tried the same method the next night with the same successful results. Stephanie was about 3½ months old at the time and I had finally found the answer to the Stephanie's colic woes. She became a happier baby and we were grateful that we finally found the solution that worked after all those months.

Liliana Hernandez
caurnavaca, Mexico
"I grew up with binding the infant belly and have kept this tradition with my other kids and plan on binding the next baby. I use the binding to help heal the navel at birth and continue to use it for gas that baby has when they cry."

Luis Figureroa
Moreles, Mexico
"When i grew up my grand parents used marbles to hold our navel in to create an innie belly button. my parents started to use a binder instead and all of the children have innie belly buttons, that is the main reason my parents used it and that is the main reason my wife and i used it. it did help with the baby gas that was an extra "

Bobby Murrietta
San Fernando, Californina U.S.A
"I used the binder on my little boy because my mom used it on me and that is what i knew. the binder helped with the colic as an infant and we used it it protect and create an innie belly button"

Susana Golzalez
Guatemala City, Guatemala Central America
"I used a belly binder on my kids to help with the gasses and belly aches. i used it for several months to keep the belly from getting a hernia when they cry. binding is a tradition that most latin america used in the past"